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WebTop Services

WebTop Services
- Java/ExtJS framework -

WebTop Services is a ready to use Web2.0 development framework designed to easily deploy rich desktop-like applications inside a Web Desktop.
Sonicle developed this framework while working on a new updated version of its WebTop collaboration solution, in use by its customers for 10 years.

During the development of the groupware features, the abstraction of each service allowed for a new design, where the Web Desktop becomes a container for an arbitrary number of services, and each service is an application inside a common environment.

WebTop Services becomes a starting point where many aspects of the application are already managed, so that developers of the services can focus on their own service features reusing and extending the framework.


The framework is written in Java on the server.
ExtJS has been chosen as the main Ajax library for the browser interface.
JSON is the main client-server data format.
Postgres is the main server database.


Authentication is managed by WebTop, allowing various schemes to be adopted thanks to a modular library based on JAAS.
WebTop domains may be configured to manage different authentication schemes (webtop, imap, smb, ssh, etc.).

Upon WebTop authentication, the framework mantains the WebTop session and profile, creating the necessary service objects available to the user, both on the server and on the ajax client, preparing the Web Desktop on the browser with the user locale, language, theme and preferences.


A service consists of mainly two components: a Service Java class on the server and a Service javascript object on the client. By following some simple rules and extending the base objects, you will be able to plug your own service just by packing your service files into a jar, deploying it in WebTop and describe your service on the database.

The framework server components manage every ajax request through few main Java servlets. These will find the needed Service instance and use Java reflection to call the requested method.
No need to write servlets, just write WebTop Services.
As a full citizen of WebTop, your server service class partecipates to various WebTop automatic activities, such as being polled for asynchronous events to be presented on the client.

Your client service object is responsible for the rich interface. When a service is requested by the user, WebTop will make it active and plug the service interface into the desktop.
The developer need just to implement few ExtJS panels and follow some rules.
As a full citizen of WebTop, your client service object will integrate in various aspects of the client interface, such as plugging into the user settings, run managed internal windows, be called upon server side events, and more.