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WebTop ServicesWebTop Services

WebTop Services consists of a rich Web2.0 developement framework based on ExtJS/Java, with prebuilt key functionalities to allow for a quick and easy implementation and deployment of applications in the form of services available inside a Web Desktop.
Key reusable features include: authentication, profiling, access control to services, layout, session management, server events polling, internationalization, themes customization and more.
Services are in the form of jar files containing both the server classes and the client files (javascript, graphic, css, etc.) that will be managed and delivered by WebTop servlets, simplifying deployment and management.

WebTop GroupwareWebTop Groupware

Sonicle developed a full featured Enterprise Collaboration suite, in the form of ready to use WebTop Services. The bundle of services implements standards based multiuser Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Documents.
The rich interfaces, inspired by the most used desktop softwares, let the end user be in a familiar environment and be productive from the beginning.
Being a cloud ready product, browser based, end users can access all of their data from anywhere.
The suite supports Funambol to allow for data synchronization with mobile devices.