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WebTop Groupware

WebTop Groupware
- Enterprise Collaboration -
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WebTop Groupware is a bundle of services developed by Sonicle using the WebTop Services framework.
This bundle implements a full featured Enterprise Collaboration suite with multiuser Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Tasks and Documents.
Users will be able to access their data from anywhere using any modern browser, finding a familiar environment with a rich user interface similar to desktop softwares.

As a full citizen of WebTop Services, you will be able to integrate this suite with other custom services of yours in a single Web Desktop


A rich web mail application, allowing access to imap, imaps, sieve, smtp servers inside your Enterprise.
This service is integrated with Contacts to allow quick lookup and suggestion from your personal address book and/or shared ones.
Features include a rich html editor for your mails, support predefined mailcards, sorting, filtering, quick search, drag and drop, folders management, multiple identities, printing and more.


Manage your personal contacts or share a common address book for groups or the entire company in one place. Allows read-only access to LDAP directory services and legacy data from external databases.
Features include synchronization with mobile devices through SyncML (Funambol).


Manage your appointment, schedule your events. Allows sharing of calendars within groups of users.
Features include drag and drop, custom fields, alerting, recurring events and synchronization with mobile devices through SyncML (Funambol).


Manage tasks, notes, infos in one place. Allows sharing of tasks within groups of users.
Features include grouping of tasks into arguments and synchronization with mobile devices through SyncML (Funambol).


Access your Enterprise file servers secuerly from anywhere, by configuring Virtual File Systems pointing to folders in your internal network.
Features include standard VFS URLs (smb://..., sftp://..., file://...), filetype visualization with proper icons, and more.